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16th April 2019 - Minster & Reculver

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Six of One - Half a Dozen of the Other

Yes, 12 riders on this perfect-for-cycling day, eventually grouped. Mike S arrived at the pier in the nick of time whereas Richard did a U-ee on the Ancient Highway to join us, having correctly assumed that was the way we would be going. Personnel were: Three (railway orientated) Mikes; LMS, two (tea orientated) Johns; PG, and Jonothan, Tom, David, Richard, Lance, Jeremy and Malcolm, a good mix of E-Bikers and Leg-only Operatives.

An exceptional day for cycling; even the wind was obliging and appeared to be behind in all directions. The peloton moved swiftly through Royal Cinque Ports GC allowing only time for a brief wave to Norman on the first tee (Tuesday golf clashes with the TT) and arriving in good time at Sandwich Quay. Onwards we pushed - some opting for Pfizer Bypass, others the Lance-Cut, and becoming spread-out along the road to Minster. Outside Jemima's we split evenly; six to stay and six to push on to Reculver.

Reculver Group.
An easy ride through Monkton and St. Nicholas. After crossing the Thanet Way Mike L led us along Cycle Route 15 instead of the usual trek across the marshes where it appears the gates across the railway line are now padlocked. An interesting route including a sandy section - rather like cycling through a bunker! It was good not to have to traverse the rough marsh terrain but it did mean missing the ride along the seawall.

We soon arrived at Reculver where we sat in the sun beside the sea enjoying excellent refreshment including a delicious slice of pumpkin loaf. The return route was also new to me as Mike led us through: Marshside, Boyden Gate, Chislet, Upstreet, Grove Ferry and Preston where we picked up Route One. Then straight through to Sandwich Quay where we bid our farewells. 42 glorious miles for me - reminiscent of rides a decade ago. (JG)

Minster Only Group

As I pitched up last into Minster, it became evident there was to be a division in the ranks, between Leavers and Remainers..... And thus it was farewell to the Leavers who had Reculver in their ambitious sights. Meantime the six Minster Remainers (being Tom, Richard, Lance, David, Gerry and Malcolm) soon settled down to the more usual choices of tea or coffee, whilst David went “exotic”, with a huge broad brimmed cup of chocolate with numerous small marshmallows floating huggamugga on top.....clearly a delight for both grandchildren and grandads alike. Having reflected on the day’s sad news of the Notre Dame Paris fire, and much more besides, we were eventually off again, minus Lance who had to depart a little earlier. A pleasant sunny ride ensued, with some choosing to re-circumnavigate Pfizers the long way round.  Very soon we were all at Sandwich Quay, bidding each other farewell before we hit our varied directions home.  (MB)


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