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13th November 2018 - Langdon Cliffs Cafe, Dover

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Magnificent seven, times two; Lance, Tom, Bill V, & Mike S via the St. Margaret's route and John G, John P, Mike L, Mike E, Richard, Stan, Bill K, David Lt, Jonothan & friend around the Skylark Trail.

Magnificent November day with a noticeable southwesterly meant challenging the wind early on and hoping for a generous bit of assistance on the return. The joy of taking on the headwind and hills along the Skylark Trail especially belonged to the e-bikers as it meant just turning up the volume until all resistance was nullified. However Mike L did steal a march on all when we paused at Martin Mill to permit the peloton to unite and despite my Turbo assisted efforts I was unable to catch him before reaching our destination. Whereas I gained considerable ground on the uphills, he soon left me standing on the descents.

Once assembled at Langdon Cliffs Cafe, minus Mike S who apparently stopped at St. Margarets for solo refreshments, we aligned three tables and benches so as to all sit together out in sun overlooking the active harbour. Various subjects were discussed including a possible Christmas lunch as proposed by Jonothan, current ailments with urinary problems high up the list and apologies for absence regarding next week's ride.

The return began as usual with the ascent to the monument which I achieved with such ease that I was quite sad that the last hill had been climbed. We waited (minus Jonothan and friend) at the top for Richard and Bill V before enjoying the exhilarating wind assisted descent down Otty Bottom, pausing as usual at Oldstairs to bid farewells. A modest but enjoyable 20 miles for me. (JG)

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