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30th October 2018 - Nowhere, windy, wet and wintry

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If Stan had been there today's blogger would have been chosen by some complicated formula.  He wasn't.  Nor was anyone else. So I guess it's up to me to report that the TT Tuesday morning ride record is unblemished: not a single Tuesday missed in ten years.  Or am I wrong?  Anyway the forecast was right, Lance's refuge in his green house a good idea and  ...  as I write my proposal for an afternoon start sensible ... but since that attracted so few starters I thought what the hell.  There have been colder days, wetter days, windier days  ...  but today was a combination of cold, wet and wind.  And I am an Aussie!  My wife asked me if I enjoyed it ... I leave it to you to guess at my answer.  19 miles for solo mio.   (RL)


Panic not, RL. There have been quite a few "missed" Tuesday rides and blogs owing to adverse conditions, but thanks anyway! (JG)


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