Tuesday Tour

13th February 2018 - Gibson's Farm Shop, Wingham (Riders) & King's Head, Deal (Eaters)

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It was a case of quality not quantity at Deal Pier with just a pair of Mikes – E and L.
The weather forecast may have had something to do with the low turnout – heavy rain due at 12 noon, or maybe the strong winds already blowing from the south and making it the hardest ride to Deal from Sandwich in living memory.
With only two people, there was no debate about our destination – Gibson’s via Sholden, Finglesham, Eastry and Staple, in order to minimise our exposure to headwinds. Even so, there were moments when the two Mikes slowed almost to a stop. Gibson’s was warm and welcoming with attractive female staff (if that is not an inappropriate thing for a gentleman to say).
As black clouds gathered, we headed back to Worth and made it home with the rain arriving just minutes later. Phew!
27 miles. (ML)


Sick parade .. ten'shun!   Three temporarily incapacitated ie currently unable to ride TTers on parade - Howard, Stan (remember him) and Richard Ln.  Two able bodied along for the ride, Cap'n Mike and Dave Lt.  Good beer, good grub and good company.  And conversation - spreadsheet Stan and his solar panels, medical insurance (naturally) and self congratulation on choosing a cosy pub snug as an alternative to the inclement weather that fellow TTers experienced.  And a possible new recruit - Kings Head publican Graham.  Collectively nil miles, though Stan drove the 928 yards from home.  (RLn)


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