Tuesday Tour

2nd January 2018 - Costa Coffee Shop, Sandwich

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Five Knoble Knights in Shining Armour, and Lycra, braved the wary weather forecast and set off on the 2018 inaugural ride, heading for a modest destination. Although Lance was hoping for St. Margarets, Sandwich was chosen and the peloton enjoyed a light breeze on their behinds in optimistically dry circumstances. Present were: Lance, Jeffrey, Bill V, David & John G.

Sandwich was reached in a comfortable time and a quick decision to head for No-Name Cafe was taken but it turned out to be No-Open Cafe. The nearby Costa Coffee Shop became the day's destination instead and refreshments and conversation ensued. Maybe a little too much conversation because on leaving the warm comfort offered after rather a long time we discovered that the forecast was correct after all as the first pitter-patter of raindrops alighted on 0ur heads as we geared up to leave. Sadly the pitter-patter became splitter-splatter, or heavier and heavier, as we progressed homewards meaning that our 10th Tuesday Tour Year got off to a soggy start.

But a good bit of exercise nevertheless. Somewhere short of 15 miles for me. (JG)


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