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18th July 2017 - Cliffe Hotel, St. Margarets

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With a brisk East/NorthEast wind developing, the ten riders were more or less unanimous in choosing the long-established circular route via Cold Blow, East Langdon, and Guston to Langdon Cliffs. Unfortunately Tom, feeling unwell, turned back on the outskirts of Deal. Another exception was one who took the direct route through St Margarets, arriving some ten or so minutes before the rest.

Malcolm, it being his birthday -or very close to the day; kindly footed the bill for all our refreshments. Understandably he rejected the offer of the group to sing the traditional rendition of celebration..

So far this has been a good summer and now the holiday period is upon us, more and more tourists visit the iconic White Cliffs to enjoy, like us, the views over Dover Port. The development of the western docks is now well on its way, including, one supposes, with the dredged sand from The Goodwins over which there was such a local fuss about.

Notwithstanding the helping gradient for the return journey via St Margarets, the increasing strength of the wind necessitated the use of the pedals. Whereas Bill V, David Lt, Jerry, Mike M, and your writer were pleased to complete the ride at Walmer and Deal, the effort of struggling back along the Ancient Highway, against such a wind, must have been quite considerable for Howard, Malcolm, Mike E, and Richard. (LA)


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