Tuesday Tour

30th May 2017 - Mrs. Corby's, Ramsgatee

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A certain amount of dithering at the pier as to what our destination should be delayed the eight riders present; John G. David Lt, Tom, Bill V, Mike M, Jeffrey, Malcolm and Jonothon. However before a decision was taken Jonothon received an important text to do with his latest project, preparing the Cin Cin bar for imbibers, which necessitated his immediate abandoning of a TT trip. So now we were seven.

Taking the elusive wind into account as far as was possible we decided on Mrs. Corby's knowing that we might have a strong headwind on our return. Our journey was uneventful - I decided on taking the cycle route around Pfizers in both directions as I'm not keen on the road through the old pharmaceutical buildings but as I was cycling quite strongly I soon caught up the short-cut stragglers. Looking ahead to the approaching Viking ship I espied what looked like Bill stopping for facility usage but in fact he was in the process of turning around as he'd other things to do. Now we were six.

Similarly, somewhere around Cliffsend Jeffrey too, being on a tight schedule, made a u-turn, so now we were five - a touch of Agatha Christie about this ride.

Nevertheless the remaining peddlers made it to Mrs. Corby's and were able to sit outside in the warmish weather and enjoy coffee, cake and conversation. The return was also uneventful and not nearly as arduous wind-wise as feared. Nearly 30 miles for me, back on my original no-nose saddle. (JG)

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