Tuesday Tour

25th April 2017 - Coq d'Or, Calais

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Just eight cyclists* - (Barry Tasker, Richard Linning David Lintern, Tom McMenamin, John Georgiadis Mikes Elmes & Lambourne, Lance Austin*) at 07.30 bore the 2C° and biting northerly wind to board the ferry to Calais. The immediate access on to the waiting ferry enabled a quick thaw and a welcome breakfast.

Leaving the dock at 08.25, plus the 1½ hours crossing, allowed time for the temperature to improve to a bearable condition as, with a following wind, we sped along the now well known route, across the marshes to the first pit stop at les Attaques. Sheltered from the wind, a welcome beer in hand, and the blessing of the sun's warmth; reluctantly orders to remount were necessary so as to reach the Restaurant Au Coq d'Or at Calais by 13.30.
Here we welcomed the former back-up crew (but now on foot), John Bradley and Mark Roberts. The €25.00 menu lived up to its previous reputation of excellence, particularly the cod with the mussel source. And so, with yet more reluctance, we left for the 17.15 (16.15BST) ferry where the usual torpor of the day's exercise resulted in the company of Morpheus, terminating at Dover where, after waiting for the seemingly endless number of juggernauts to unload, we went our separate ways home.

We happy few, we band of brothers*
For those today that rode their bikes with me
Shall be my brothers; be they ne'er so vile
That day shall gentle their condition
And gentlemen in England then a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not there
And hold their manhood cheap whiles any speaks
That rode with us upon this Tuesday
(apology/recognition to the great bard (LA)

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