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11th April 2017 - Langdon Cliffs, Dover

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In attendance: John G, Tom, Lance, Mike E, Mike L, Mike M and Malcolm, with Stan in civvies. I knew the call would be for Dover so I delegated responsibility for the destination decision in case I wasn't going to go the whole way (wasn't that a corrupt promise we made in our youth!). In stepped decisive Lance, "Langdon" he proclaimed authoritatively, and so it was. I suggested I might only go as far as St. Margarets and Mike of the E persuasion thought he might join me owing to an unpleasant attack of "kneesles".

The ride along the seafront was very pleasant with the suggestion of a following breeze, a mild temperature and spring sun, as I braced myself for the inevitable incline. In the event I believe we all made it up Ottley Bottom Rise without any hint of dismounts although, of course, I assumed my rightful place at the peloton's rear. Peloton is stretching things a bit as the Mikes L and M had raced ahead to such an extent that the seven of us probably spanned a good mile.

At St. Margarets, feeling reasonably resilient, both Mike E and I decided we could make it to Langdon after all and so the seven remained intact and arrived at the Cliff's Cafe just before it opened to find Stan there awaiting us. So pleasant was it in that sheltered spot that we collected our refreshments and sat outside overlooking the splendid view over the port. With tea and chat over, once that dreaded trail back up to the top had been negotiated - I did some bike pushing for the first time ever - and we arrived at the top, we had that delicious descent to savour as we all hurtled Deal-wards. It almost appeared that the wind had turned to our favour again as if to wish us God-speed as we flew furiously furlong after furlong homewards. Feeling fit as a fiddle I decided to continue into Deal to enjoy a well deserved Miretti. 20 exhilarating miles for me. (JG)

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