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1st November 2016 - Mrs. Corby's, Ramsgate

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Still awaiting a full report as my own journey was a truncated version that ended with weariness at Sandwich, although I confess to a return across the Ancient Highway with both the wind and a renewed vigour on my back. I put the earlier fatigue down to too large a breakfast too close to cycling. So a mere 12 miles miles for me - better than nothing I suppose. (JG)

Recollections of 1 November ride - made on 8 November so apologies for any inaccuracies due to memory failure! Meeting up at the pier were: John G, Bill K, Bill V, Mike M, Mike E, Tom, Jonothan, David, Mike L. It is often said “it’s a good deal warmer in Walmer than it is in Deal”. On this particular morning, all we could say is that “Deal was a good deal sunnier than Sandwich” which doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

After a gloriously sunny start, the clouds and murk soon took over with a notable drop in temperature as we headed north along the Ancient Highway, destined for Mrs Corby’s. The usual pit stop at Sandwich Quay was eventful to the extent that John G triggered his own Article 50 and opted for early retirement. The remaining eight sped either through or around the Pfizer site and reformed as a large peloton as we entered the woodland pathway.

Major works were noted at Cliffsend involving the laying of new sewer pipes. If only we had such works in Worth where we have had many overflows of raw sewage (it’s tempting to use a four-letter word here) in the recent past! For those of you who revel in such stories, see Malcolm’s excellent letter in the Mercury.

Turning to more pleasant matters, Mrs Corby’s turned out to be a real treat as Mike M announced that he was paying as he had recently reached soixante-neuf. At least, I think that’s what he said. Many thanks again Mike on behalf of all beneficiaries.

The ride back was straightforward once a multitude of dogs, some on very long leads, along the promenade had been successfully negotiated. We reached Sandwich Quay in quick time, with Bill K a notable speed merchant. The Deal and Worth contingents then went their separate ways. A most enjoyable and inexpensive (except for Mike M of course) morning. 30 odd miles for me (ML)

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