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24th May 2016 - Langdon Cliffs Cafe

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11 riders today, and 11 made it to Langdon Cliffs. The wind direction dictated that we wouldn't want to cross the Ancient Highway and so it was quickly mooted that the National Trust cafe overlooking Dover harbour should be our target. However the preferred route today was to be the cycle route past the golf club and through St. Margarets. I struggled with the main hill up Ottley Bottom and soon fell to the rear of the peloton, albeit with Tom for company although I suspect he was being kind in staying with me. I must admit the hills were easier with the wind behind but nevertheless I arrived at the cafe many minutes behind the main group. But the last laugh was not necessarily on me as we were all too quick making the trip and had to wait a few minutes for the cafe to open at 10am. The 11 riders were; John G, John P, Lance, Tom, Malcolm, Stan, Jonothon, David Lt, Mike M, Richard Ln and Bill K.

What a treat! His birthday being two weeks ago when bad weather curtailed the cycle ride, John P nevertheless stuck to his pledge to treat everyone at the cafe. Happy Birthday John!

The ride back was relatively uneventful, a contradiction of downhill versus headwind. An energetic 20 miles for me. (JG)

PS: A No-nose Tale! I should add that my new saddle proved interesting, uncomfortable and a bit anstable at first, but once gotten used to not much different to a "nosed" version. From the "Gentleman Friendly" perspective it would appear to have passed with flying colours as I was not led to any discomfort on route requiring an uncomfortable convenience stop and on arriving home was treated to a 7/10 flow stream, about my best these days, supposedly signifying that no undue pressure had been applied to one's nether regions. Hopefully a success story!

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