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15th December 2015 - Jemima's Locket, Minster

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With such another grey day in prospect, mist in the eyes rather than actual rain, it was a surprise to find eight soggy souls all prepared at the pier. Six set off with determination while Howard did some last minute Christmas shopping ("I'll catch you up...") and Bill V was dexterously texting IKEA. Seven arrived at Sandwich Quay for the inevitable collection point rendezvous as Howard was still shopping. Onward we pedalled towards our goal, which was Jemima's Locket in Minster, with Howard having now closed in upon us, but a mile from our destination, albeit 50 minutes from home, Bill suddenly pulled up as the sound of a text arriving at his rarely used mobile phone caught his attention. IKEA had finally responded and had announced that they would delivering his flatpack in the next 20 minutes! William was not seen for damp dust as he turned and hurtled for home.

The delightful cosy space that is Jemima's Locket played host to us for 45 minutes or more while refreshment was enjoyed by the other members of today's cycling group; Jonothan, Mike L, Mike M, Richard Ln, John G and Tom. And then we were back seated on saddles braving the modest headwind first to Sandwich and then across the Ancient Highway where the breeze definitely stiffened and the mist grew slightly wetter. A good energetic 20 plus miles for me. (JG)

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