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20th January 2015 - Blazing Donkey

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Another trying Tuesday! The threat of early frost suggested a delayed start would be in order and so a small group met at the pier at 10.00am; John G, John P, Tom, Bill V, Mike M and Howard. The northeasterly had showed itself to be a bit more prevalent than expected which brought about a change from the intended plan. Instead of exposing ourselves to that raw breeze from St. Margarets to Langdon Cliffs, following John P's assertion that The Cider Works would definitely now be open again, we amended our route to suit. And so we set off with the ex-High and Dry in mind, however, Howard, who was nursing the self-proclaimed "lurgie", followed us for a mere few hundred yards before making a bee-line for Worth and home.

Through Sholden to Finglesham, where we paused for a discussion on the aspect of the noticeable inclemency from the sky, where some were already for "giving up" whereas others were optimistically denying the blackness of the clouds ahead, we nevertheless decided to press on hopefully. At the junction close to the Blazing Donkey we stopped again and much to the disappointment of Mike, who was already tasting his toasted teacakes, it was decided to turn our backs on the now persistent rain and head for home.

Rather irritatingly I had noticed that if we had taken to originally intended coastal route we may well have been bathed in sunshine throughout and sure enough the rain lightened the closer we got to Deal. At Sholden we paused by the church which is a dividing point for different homeward journeys and realised that Bill and John P were nowhere to be seen. Mike and I retraced our peddle-steps to the new housing estate where we saw John, and then Bill a bit later, crossing to our side of the street. John's magictric steed had experienced a chain jam that Bill had managed to free, but the experience had shocked John to the point that, coupled to being frozen, hungry and thirsty, he needed a little time to collect himself and so he sat on local garden wall with his head in his hands while he recuperated. Bill, not only life-saving technician, then showed his Florence Nightingale side when he produced a bottle of water and a chocolate biscuit which the invalid consumed with voracity. Fortunately the cure worked and we all proceeded to our respective homes with not much more than a measly ten miles under our belts. Better luck next time! (JG)

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