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16th December 2014 - Mrs. Corby's, Ramsgate

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Tuesday dawned. A frost free sunlit day when anyone with red blood would want to get on his bike and go. At least this was the thought in the minds of eight (eventually) stalwarts who gathered at the pier. Six to start with and after a 'phone call to say he was running late, Bill K turned up with a guest rider sporting a mean looking Pinarello. He was introduced as Rob and was given a guarded welcome (He looked a bit too professional for the average Tuesday Tour rider.)

Two more who were expected, didn't make it so eight riders formed the peloton. There might have been a debate about where we were going (which I contrived to miss) but as Bill and his guest turned up "CORBY'S was the cry so we set off.
Along Middle Street, there was the inevitable delivery lorry blocking the way so half the group split off down to the lower road (whatever it's called) eventually meeting up just before RCPGC.

A good pace was set along the newly metalled Ancient Highway (first time along this stretch for me) until the Quay at Sandwich. Noticeably, there are already patches in the newly laid tarmac which are lifting and looking ominous. I wonder how long it will all last?

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At the Quay, where we paused for thought. JG.. who had brought up the rear suddenly shouted 'ON' (or something like that and shot off to catch the lights over the bridge and steal a march on most of the remaining group. He's a sly fox and up to all the tricks is JG.

Just along the road, at temporary traffic lights, JG pulled another stroke (in the vernacular) by mounting the pavement, bypassing the lights and thus gaining another 100 yds or so on the law abiding remainder. It's his sort that give cyclists a bad name. From then on, the most exciting thing to happen was Howard throwing a chain. I didn't witness this but I suspect he endured the usual help and advice from several members. So on to Corby's. Lance taking the dull urban route to be first there while the rest enjoyed what is one of the most glorious stretches of cycling available to us along the cliff top promenade.

Corby's was as Corby's is, - warm (questionable!) and welcoming with cholesterol crammed chocolate/coffee/cream cakes for those who enjoy them and more restrained "teasted toecake" for those who don't. Good conversation. a few jokes and some opinions on current affairs filled the time until it was time to depart..

I for one, seemed to notice quite a stiff breeze against, particularly along the promenade. I couldn't remember it being in our favour on the way there but there you are, I'm getting older by the minute and losing some of my cognitive senses. At the Quay, discussions were about next week and Christmas celebrations but it's best if I leave the details of those arrangements to JG.

A rather flowery blog about an essentially uneventful ride enjoyed by John G, Howard, Lance, Bill V, David Lt, Bill K, guest Rob and your correspondent. (ND)

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