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9th December 2014 - Langdon Cliffs Cafe, Dover

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A visit from Jack Frost overnight meant some beautiful white lawns but very icy road conditions. This led to some withdrawals, and in the hope that conditions would improve in the glorious winter sunshine, our start from Deal Pier was postponed by one hour. Alas, not everyone got to hear about the delayed start and a few brave souls turned up at the usual time but kept warm in a local coffee house. In the end, we were six: John G, Howard, Norman, Bill P, Tom, and Mike L.

We proceeded to Langdon Cliffs but because rural roads were reported to be particularly icy (thank you Bill K for this useful intelligence), we eschewed the Skylark Trail in favour of the coastal path along to Kingsdown and then onto Langdon via St Margarets at Cliffe – ie our normal homeward route from Langdon in reverse.

The outward journey was pleasingly uneventful. This was a splendid achievement given the amount of recent hedge trimming along the cycle path leading up to St Margarets and a plethora of sharp thorns menacingly lying in wait. But we got through without a single puncture – well done to all!

As we neared Dover, the views to our left were magnificent with France in clear focus, although it still seemed a long climb to the memorial. From there, it was downhill all the way. One motorist did stop to warn us of icy bends (which sounded very painful) but these did not materialise.

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An erudite conversation over refreshments included a synopsis of Scandinavian languages, the meaning of “nonet” and Tom’s experience of the new toll arrangements at the Dartford river crossing – all fascinating stuff!

The journey back followed the same route. Alas, as we exited, your scribe took a tumble. Cleats are wonderful when trying to get uphill with minimal effort but are distinctly unhelpful when doing an emergency stop! Otherwise, the homeward journey was unremarkable, but for a surprise cameo appearance from Stan in his car. Good to see you Stan!

30 miles on my clock (to/from Worth via the much improved Ancient Highway). ML

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