Tuesday Tour

27th May 2014

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A brief review: six riders; Stan, Bill K, Richard Ln, Tom, Malcolm and John G surprised themselves when they turned up at the pier on a drizzly morning. All expecting the weather to match the fair forecast forthwith, we set off towards Ramsgate. At least the wind was reasonably gentle and we kept up a good pace through Sandwich and even took the long cycle path around Pfizer's. Plugging on, always hopeful, but the Welsh mist was unrelenting, we arrived damp at Mrs. Corby's being mightily impressed by Stan's new knees. Tom's face dropped, "we've no fudge cake today" was the calamitous news. Nevertheless a heated discussion ensued as to the future of Ramsgate's next MP, the beer drinking, straight talking Mr. Farage.

A definite change in the weather greeted our remounting of steeds, now it was seriously raining. But the light breeze was now behind and we fairly skipped along in an aquaplaning fashion. We bid farewell to Richard, Malcolm and Bill at Sandwich, for the latter it was nearly permanent when he had a dispute with White Van Man on the old toll bridge. WVM apparently couldn't see the justification for a cyclist riding on the narrow bridge against the red light - what is the matter with these people?

Stan, Tom and I bashed our way along the Ancient Highway which was getting wetter by the minute. I arrived home drowned but refreshed with 27 more miles under my belt. (JG)

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