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3rd September 2013

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Lance's Bread Pudding

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A brilliant day, beautiful sunshine, brought eight riders to the pier; John, Tom, David Lt, Jack, Lance, Bill K, Malcolm and Howard, the latter two back from foreign travels.
A decision to brave the breeze on the way out meant only one thing, heading towards Ramsgate and Mrs. Corby's.
Only a light wind attempted to delay us as we pressed on through to Sandwich where a short pause gave us breath to continue.
So across the old toll bridge we cycled, on past the demolition of Pfizer's and then up to Cliffs End and the Viking ship.
A few seconds wait to collect slower riders at the high field, namely me, and soon we were on the delicious promenade from Pegwell.

Once at Mrs. C's we were soon seated outside enjoying our various treats and being conversed by the lady herself.
Lance ordered a spectacular bread pudding where after eating a sizeable portion pocketed the rest for his and Mrs. Lance's dinner that evening.

Up the hill we departed and were soon enjoying a bit of breeze in the back, but not a lot as, believe or not, the wind had turned!
The usual departures occurred at Sandwich before the remainder set sail for sunny Deal.

A fine ride of just over 25 miles (for me). (JG)

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