Tuesday Tour

2nd October 2012

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Six riders; Tom, Bill V, Bill K, David Lt, Howard and John G, left the pier promptly at 9.00am having entrusted the latter to lead the way. The original plan was adhered to up until the Blazing Donkey when Howard suggested not to turn left to pass the celebrated inn but to continue straight ahead towards the Northbourne Road thus avoiding the steep hill into Eastry. Agreed! And it added up to a 'variation', something always favoured by musicians. However this route would mean a quarter mile on the Eastry bypass, not a nice prospect, but fate was with us as that section of road was closed for maintenance. And as a "Road Closed" sign tends to be an irresistible invitation to the Tuesday Tour we duly headed up it!

Soon on the cycle track beside the bypass we spent much energy avoiding large clumps of horse droppings - what do they give our four legged friends for breakfast? Fortunately this route is well sheltered from headwinds and although a constant but gentle upward slope throughout we eventually achieved our objective, the Cider Works.






In the comfortable, clean and tidy restaurant we ordered our usual mix of beverages plus the occasional exotic nourishment which for me meant Bubble and Squeak with bacon and a poached egg on top - very nice! In Bill K's case the absence of croissants tempted him to order the "Full English", although we suspected he was indulging in a bout of 'comfort eating' whilst suffering several phone calls regarding his recent breakdown in France - his car, not his person. He had sadly lost the slave to his crutch, or something along those lines, and had been obliged to complete the journey home by 'low-loaders', whatever they are? Probably some sort of medical emergency. The journey home, once a couple or more short but severe uphills had been negotiated, was the expected delight attributable to a long downhill section and a lusty wind up the backside. Not a great distance, something over 20 miles, but energetic and festive nevertheless. (JG)

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