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29th May 2012

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Not quite the weather forecasted but nevertheless seven riders set off from the pier; John G, Lance, Malcolm, Tom, Bill K, David Lt and surprise cyclist Norman. Through to Fowlmead we headed but not before the said Norman had been harangued by an impatient passing motorist with the charming greeting "you f***ing idiot"! Unperturbed the group headed through Finglesham, Eastry, Goodnestone, Adisham, arriving at the Chalkpit Farm cafe just after 10.30am, a creditable average speed of about 10mph considering the adverse wind. Needless to say Lance effected a short cut which brought him ahead of the peloton. By now there was no sun and a strangely varying temperature as one passed through pockets of warm air before being blasted by the cool breeze. As we had negotiated 10 hills of varying severity the tea cum coffee stop was all the more welcome as we recharged our bodies in readiness for the return.

Was that rain in the air? Hardly, however less hills but even more wind resistance (how does that happen?) saw the group, minus Bill who headed directly towards his house, having decided on the flatter return journey via Staple, Eastry, Worth, where we bid goodbye to Malcolm and Lance, Norman having struck out alone a few miles earlier, and then the Ancient Highway back to Deal. Finally the last section provided welcome relief as the wind was finally on our backs and we simply flew the last few miles home. A good 30 mile workout. (JG)

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