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8th May 2012

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Tom, Malcolm, Bill K and John G were the total sum of riders today leaving the pier at 9.00am. The wind was mild and the clouds were clearing so it was mooted that we should take the direct way to the Langdon Cliffs Cafe. It must have been a while since we last challenged significant inclines as the pull up the lane to St. Margarets had everyone puffing especially as the sun had finally arrived this May. Also the long steady climb from St. Margarets was into the breeze and required reserves of energy that are not utilised when cycling on the flat. Soon we were hurtling down the hill towards the National Trust area and into the cafe.

We lost Bill!
After a tea and suitable amount of Tritsch Tratsch Time we decided on returning the same way and made our way up the triple gated steep track but without Bill! We then realised that Bill had not come this way before.

Malcolm had waited for him at the bottom of the track having suspected that Bill had headed for the road and the same way that we had arrived. Then we all waited at the top on the tarmac road to the radar station only to see him as he sped past the automatic barrier and making good progress up the main road. We raced after him but to no avail as he was obviously speeding to "catch" us, having no doubt assumed we were ahead. Bill is not the sort of cyclist one catches easily and despite various tinkles on bells and hoots on hooters and a bit of top gear riding we still saw him getting further ahead of us all the time. So as he was going to peel off at St. Margarets anyway we relaxed and just enjoyed the warm spring weather and a delightful downward return.

Of course that descent to Kingsdown is one of the great cycling pleasures and we batted our way down at quite a lick - I recorded just over 30mph on the steep section just before the gate and approaching the 12th green in W&KGC - just as well my brakes work OK! An exhilarating ride and return even if only a bit less than 20 miles for me - more for Malcolm and Bill of course. (JG)

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