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13th December 2011

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Blog by David Lt with Addendum by Norman

Where was everyone? – Norman and David Lt. arrived at the Pier at 09.00 hrs and that was the lot – Bill K. said he was coming but he was as far as we know a ‘no show’.

Just because we’d had a massive storm with 74 mph winds in Dover Harbour and heavy rain all night the duvets seemed to be in use for a long time – in fact by 8 o’clock the skies were clear and the south west wind was abating.  The ride along the sea front was steady with only one dog being bowled over by my bike amongst a crowd of five ‘yappers’, and two owners who were in no control of the proceedings.

The climb up to the Old Chapel at St Margaret’s was not too bad as the wind was fairly well deflected by the hill – the coffee stop was earlier than usual because the trip along Reach Road to Langdon Cliffs did not appeal, especially as the Cliffs Restaurant doesn’t open until 11 o’clock at this time of the year.

Norman and I then went along Station Road to Martin Mill, and the ride back into Deal was with a slight tail wind and glorious views all across to Ramsgate - all around us were cloudless skies - very pleasant.

One of Eddy Waring’s ‘early baths’ was a welcome end to an enjoyable outing – and the rest of the day was free for golf practice and catching up on Christmas preps.

A trip for me of 15 miles and just a start for Norman.

Merry Christmas to all our readers!


Half way between the RCP club house and Chequers I spotted a single magpie on the telegraph wires,(I hate those birds.) I tried in vain to see another one (to cancel out the sorrow and bring me joy) but failed. Just as I approached the Chequers pub I had that dread sensation and discovered a puncture in my rear tyre. Those bloody Magpies definitely are bad luck, so what was intended as a fairly leisurely ride home via a not too unfriendly wind turned into a bit of a saga. I'll know better next time and scoot off home straight away.

Oh, by the way, its official, Bill K has become a fairweather cyclist! (ND)

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