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1st February 2011

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Three stalwarts gathered at the Pier shivering in the cold early dawn light. Norman D, who should have made a fourth, called at the last minute to say his bike was playing up and that it needed to go to the Bike Shop in Canterbury to be sorted as Locke's couldn't resolve it. Accordingly Howard H , David Lt and Richard L had the classic route discussion. As Richard and Howard had cycled across the Ancient Highway already and realised both the temperature and strength of the wind it was quickly decided that these 'old men' should go WEST.

Along the seafront to Kingsdown was just acceptable and soon the cover of Oldstairs Road was reached, its potholes discomfitting those without the 'gel'.

Up the increasingly steep hill to St Margarets where after a breather the party set off to Wallets Court and then onto East Langdon. Here David L peeled off to head back to Deal and a trip to Cambridge (by car), leaving Richard and Howard to continue. Onwards to West Langdon then Waldershare where a short cultural stop at Waldershare Church was made and a bit of a breather taken. Then bliss, the long downhill wind at the back ride to Eastry. Finally into Felderland Lane and a short break for coffee at Chez Holroyd, after which Richard headed for Sandwich and Howard resumed Grandfather duties.

A somewhat more energetic and colder ride than had been envisaged but 25 miles approx under the belt nevertheless. (HH)

Next Week- Deal Pier 0900hrs.

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