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7th December 2010

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Bar bike! Our next aquisition?

After last week's weather cancellation there was a certain steely determination to get some sort of a ride in this week and five intrepid well-wrapped individuals turned up at the pier; John G, Bill V, Bill K, Malcolm and Tom. However the choice of meeting place, by the entrance to the pier, did give a serious warning as to the sort of conditions we would probably encounter as both ramps were covered in ice and were virtually skating rinks. Nevertheless we set off along Middle Street, as is our wont, giving the usual rousing bell and whistle chorus as we passed the 60 year-old Perkins abode on our way to the ancient highway and along it to Sandwich. But before we had reached North Deal proper Bill V decided to turn back as he was seriously cold - very wise decision.

The rest of us, probably a bit better dressed in our ski-style clothing, headed passed RCPGC where we were amazed to see golfers with trolleys braving the icy conditions when WKGC was closed yet again.

Riding reasonably cautiously with eyes peeled to the road immediately in front of our wheels looking for tell-tale signs of the dreaded ice we made only moderate time before reaching Sandwich Quay. Although only 40 minutes into our ride we decided to take some warming refreshment in the Little Village Cafe, although truth be told it was hardly any warmer inside than out. With our breath leaving our mouths akin to dragon-like emissions we warmed ourselves more with lively conversation than beverages. With Buck Rarebit "off" again one has to wonder if this usually delightful little cafe has changed management as its certainly not what it was.

The journey back was surprisingly easy as we had expected more wind resistance but found instead a helpful thrust in the back. Malcolm left us at the bird observatory and Tom just after RCPGC. Bill K and I met our ladies in Miretti's for a welcome coffee. Not many miles, just 13 for me, but really nice to get out as long as one is suitable attired. (JG)

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