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13th April 2010

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Hills, what hills? On a cold and blustery morning five noble spirits set out from the pier with the distinct intention of not cycling into the wind! Indeed the plan was to utilise this "force de nature" to propel us up otherwise formidable hills. So with a 20mph-plus north easterly pummeling our rears we set off in the south westerly direction towards Dover. So quick was our ascent to, and passing of, St. Margarets that we decided it was too early for refreshments at the ubiquitous Langdon Cliffs cafe and thus pressed on to the Costa Coffee shop in Dover. However before descending from the castle I made a call to Dover resident Dave Ld, freshly returned from the Antipodes, and persuaded him to join us for coffee.

David Lt, however, decided on a quick return home and headed for the station, wisely opting not to try to combat the wind. Following our welcome break it was decided to continue wind-assisted on route to Folkestone whereupon Dave Ld decided to join us despite his two-wheel lay-off of several months. The climb up by Shakespeare Cliff was probably about as easy as it ever could be and soon we were atop the world viewing the coastline of France. A photo stop whilst at the top (right) was called for although all legs were "raring to go" with the exhilaration of acceleration provided by the hefty zephyrs. Once we arrived at the point of descent Dave Ld opted bravely to cycle back along the cliffs - he should be home by next week! But for the rest it was left to Lance to guide us down the slopes at great speed and then wend our way through the trading estates before consuming a welcome lunch at a hostelry by the station.

Overlooking Folkestone Harbour

Needless to say we let the train take the strain on the return! In attendance: David Lt, Lance A, Tom M, Jack R, Dave Ld and John G.
20-plus miles for me, nearer to 30 for Lance. (JG)

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