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8th December 2009

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A fine day beckoned - coldish but clear and sunny - perfect for winter cycling. But things didn't get off to a good start when the phone rang at 8.30am - Bill K had got a puncture in his newly purchased "bullet-proof" tyres. "Did you buy new inner-tubes as well?" I quizzed, thinking I could explain the conundrum, "yes. of course" he replied, dashing my prospective wisdom into the ground. "Maybe I'll be able to repair it and catch you up at Sandwich" he offered forlornly. "OK" I replied unconvinced.

At the pier I found a waiting Stan who complained of being "out of condition" owing to a recent bout of flue, but I suspected "golf-starvation" was the most likely cause of his flagging spirit, owing to the extended buggy ban at W&K, and also why he was joining us for a rare cycle sortie. David Lt soon joined us and only when almost five past nine did a pair of cyclists appear coming along the promenade, Dave Ld and Bill V. They were late because Dave had dropped in on Bill's place for an "All-day Cup o' Tea"! At RCPGC we picked up Tom and then sauntered across to Sandwich where Howard was patiently waiting.

A debate followed as to where we should head which led to an unusual decision - unusual only in that we decided to do what the majority had decided. But not all of us! Dave Ld said he would turn round and cycle back to Deal and then on to Dover but not before the lure of scrambled eggs caused him to stay awhile in the Sandwich Quay Cafe. The ride to Ramsgate was generally easy as the conditions were nigh perfect, only a little wind with a bright crisp sunny day. Coffee, of course, at Caffé Nero was followed by a gentle retracing of our steps, bidding goodbye to Howard at Sandwich, but not altogether without incident as Stan had developed a slow puncture and kept shooting ahead so as to have time to "pump-up" the offending tyre. Fortunately we all made it back to Deal, although David Lt and Bill did stop-over in the Sandwich auction house to peruse for bargains. A respectable 25 plus miles. (JG)

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