Tuesday Tour

21st July 2009

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In attendance:
John, Bill V, Tom, David Lt, Norman, Howard & Lance.

Five stalwarts joined up at Deal –namely Bill, David Lt., John, Norman and Tom. An easy southerly wind aided them to Sandwich where Howard and Lance were lazing in the July sun. An ad hoc tour then followed on the basis that when certain points were reached, a new route was decided upon.

In short Sandwich, Richborough, Westmarsh and Preston was the first leg, where once again the Garden Centre provided the coffee break, supplemented with fruit cake, during which the next leg of Wickhambreaux, Ickham, Wingham, Hammill, Woodnesborough and Sandwich for lunch at The King’s Head was decided upon.

This circular route meant the noticeable breeze was felt from all angles but fortunately the number of hills was few and in fact the best run was between Hamill and Woodnesborough where a long gentle downhill wind assisted section was enjoyed by all, especially Lance and John who were both enjoying the ride on new Trek machines.

For the Worth contingent a modest 26.5 miles was recorded, whereas those from Deal had a more respectable 34 miles. The adverse wind along the Saxon Shore Line to Deal took its toll. (I’m told that Bill fell asleep in the bath.)

As the summer slips away into autumn, we savour the never ending cycle of the seasons and reflect on possible tours to come. In a moment of euphoria as to the chances of our surviving to next year, Lance was asked to provide a feasibility study for a two night culture trip to Ypres, the guide of course being Howard. So more to come! (LA)


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