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7th October 2008

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15th Outing: 7th October 2008. Better luck this Tuesday! With appalling forecasts looming I was surprised that only Dave called to say he wasn't coming. Three at the Pier, JG, David Lintern and Bill V, with tailwind, thundered down the ancient highway in a record 19 minutes to the Bird Sanctuary where we picked up Tom and then Lance, Howard and Norman at Sandwich Bridge.

We whistled along past Pfizers through to Cliffs End where we tried a part-new route to Minster and Monkton, then taking the "Viking Way-not yet ready" through St. Nicholas at Wade to the North Kent Coast and Reculver. After some liquid refreshment we semi-fought the cross-wind along the coastal Route One, and excellent cycle-only way to Margate.

Rather than add further miles by going to the satisfactory small sandwich restaurant that we have frequented twice at the other end of Margate we settled on a "greasy spoon" opposite the station - big mistake! Some of us chose wisely by sticking to the ubiquitous "fry-up" whereas Bill and Norman decided on fish and chips - not good! Uncooked frozen much travelled fish resulted in a very unsatisfactory mush which had both recipients returning their fayre for re-cooking, but only one returned, the other was binned as unsalvageable, so Bill had chips only.

Four of us returned by train (wisely) while Howard and the two fishless ones decided bravely to take on the long headwindy journey through heavily trafficked roads home. Please let us know when they return!

A really excellent trip today with pretty fair weather, even some sun, and home before the rains came. (JG)

PS: After a visit to the gym, with weather looking good, Dave decided to venture out on bike after all and apparantly did the Dover to near-Folkstone run both ways - highly commendable!

PPS: A nice little infortmative 'blog' from Norman:

"Hello All,
I'm not 'techy' enough to know how to get this on your website but it was a wonderful run from Margate to Sandwich where I said good-bye to Howard and Bill.   Bill had had enough by this stage and took the train back to Walmer, Howard went home and I spent an hour or so in Sandwich losing my card in an ATM and looking at bikes amongst other things before returning home.   It was surprisingly easy in fact and the wind didn't seem to be problem until we hit the home straight at Pfizer's.   (I have to admit that the hill out of Joss bay defeated me and I had to dismount) ... Howard showed us  a wonderful part of Kent that I didn't even know existed
I didn't  record the time of return but I did note that I had clocked up 47.03 miles on my super accurate odometer when I got home.   (Bit miffed that I hadn't broken the 50 mile barrier.  Ah well perhaps next week.)
Thoroughly enjoyed the day, brilliant planning (and Lance's detours were interesting too.)   Can't wait to get back in the saddle.

Regards to all, looking forward to next week,
" (ND)

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