6th Tuesday Tour

29th July 2008

6th Outing: 29th July 2008.

Last Tuesday saw a group of six,
led by Lance,
with Norman Dance
End up in the sticks.

Having an attraction to hills
Our lad from Worth
With no little mirth
Had us reaching for our pills.

And still not satisfied with that
He was, despite my pleas
Across fields and through trees
Yelling, “get a move on you prat!”

Worse to come was the Roman road
All stones and flints
Reduced tyres to mince
With cries of "stop whinging you toad"

But such punishment soon took its toll
Between hills we heard "splat"
As Bill's rear tyre went flat
Who would volunteer the saviour role?

Why our hard taskmaster of course
Flew back down the hill
To stranded flattened Bill
As repairing was his "tour de force"

And so he rescued Bill and the day
When we finally arrived
As he had connived
For well earned lunch at W & K.

Unfortunately the sequel to that up-and-down tour was that on his way home David Lindsay had a 'head-on' collision with some young lad who came hurtling down the cycle way from St. Margaret's. Fortunately after picking themselves up from the debacle there were no injuries to persons or machine, until that is Dave landed the youngster with a crisp right-uppercut. (JG)


I cycled lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills
When looking back I saw a crowd
A group of silver bicycles
Across the fields, beneath the trees
Their owners moaning in the breeze.

Continuous as the wind that blows
Through doors and windows half ajar
They ploughed their way through shit and grass
Along the path -it was not far
Just four I saw at this first glance
With shaking fist at aged Lance

The corn beside me danced but they
Outdid the golden harvest scene
A cyclist true could only say
Good God!- just look where they have been
I gazed -and gazed -but little thought
What wealth of scorn this route had bought

For e'en now when at my desk I sigh
In sombre and repentive mood
The e-mails flash before my eye
Of aching bones -it's not that good
But then my heart with pleasure fills
Alone laughs with the bicycles.