1st Tuesday Tour

24th June 2008

1st Outing: 24th June 2008. Today saw the inaugural ride, undertaken by Lance, Jack and JG, enjoying a modest breeze pushing us up to St. Margaret's from Deal, beside the 12th fairway, and then on to Langdon Cliff National Trust café for light refreshment - a cup of tea/cofee supported by a substantial portion of bread pudding (an energy supplement!).

From there we rose above Dover Castle and then turned right towards Guston, Martin Mill, then a long descent along lanes to Walmer Station pointed us towards Deal where we sat by the beach at the Port Arms enjoying some well earned liquid refreshment and a (substantial) sandwich. Mrs. G joined us there. Lance reckoned we covered 37 miles, plus 14 more for him (which he continually whinged about). (JG)